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This site is dedicated to the band of the Edinburgh twins Craig and Charlie Reid. They are part-time musicians singing with a thick Scottish accent and lots of power. Best known songs: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) and Letter from America.

I started this site when I couldn't find any Proclaimers info on the web. I do not regard myself as their biggest fan nor am I a religious person. I just like their music a lot. The Proclaimers now have their own official site with the latest news on their UK tour with The Overside and their tour with the Barenaked Ladies. And yes, after seven year, the new record is finished! (I never gave up, did you? ;). A fan started a Proclaimers mailinglist at Yahoo.

Update (20/8): Interview by Simplyscottish with the brothers about the new album.

Most info here was provided by Deborah, who fortunately did get a reply from Edinburgh (some time ago). Apart from the usual stuff, this site contains some articles too.